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Om Swastyastu, Love Bali invites you to contribute to COVID-19 recovery efforts in tourism industry Welcome to Bali, the Island of Gods

Love Bali is a movement initiated by the Bali Provincial Government to implement a new policy, "Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali, which is the Comprehensive Development Plan for a New Era of Bali. This vision aims to maintain the sanctity and harmony of nature, people, and culture of Bali.

Raising funds for Covid-19 recovery efforts, focused on the devastated tourism industry in Bali becomes the urgent issue to address at present and the main goal for inviting contributions from visitor and friends of Bali for this Bali that we all love and cherish.

Love Bali invites contributions, as a form of support, towards the efforts to preserve the nature and culture of Bali. The Provincial Government will use funds from tourist contribution for projects implemented to protect heritage sites around Bali. Continue to make various progressive efforts and innovations related to improving Balis quality of the nature and culture through preservation, conservation, and revitalization. Also, improve the quality of services, safety, and comfort of tourists, by developing land - sea - and air infrastructure in an integrated and connected manner.

This contribution if formally regulated in Bali Province Regulation Number 1 in Year 2020 regarding Tourist Contributions for the Preservation of the Nature and Culture of Bali and Bali Governor’s Regulation Number 27 in Year 2020 Regarding the Receipt and Use of Tourist Contributions to Preserve the Nature and Culture of Bali.

Many people from all over the world know Bali as The Last Paradise, The Island of gods, The Island of Thousand Temples, The Morning of the World, The Paradise Island, and The Island of Love. This is a clear proof that Bali is the Center of World Civilization (Padma Bhuwana).

Help us preserve all this by contributing here (link to page) or via our application LoveBali via Google Play (link) and via App Store (link).

With joy and respect, we thank you for your visit and contributions to Bali.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Om