Love Bali invites you to join in supporting the tourism industry, with a focus on protecting the culture and natural environment of Bali.

As a form of support that aims to protect the customs, traditions, arts and culture, and local wisdom of the Balinese people. Bali will impose levy for the international tourist.
Efforts and innovations will continue to be made for maintenance the culture and the natural environment in Bali. There will also continue to be an improvement in the quality of services.

Places of Interest

The most well-known place in Bali, to make your holiday perfect and dont be missed!


Pantai Pandawa

Pandawa Beach may still sound unfamiliar and not-so-famous for today. But this beach has a million charms that have not been exposed and are still squeezed by limestone cliffs. Situated in the village of kutuh, Sub-District of South Kuta, Badung Regency, it is located approximately 3 km from the tourist area of Nusa Dua and Uluwatu Temple. Originally, Pandava Beach is known as the Secret Beach, because it’s hidden behind a row of rocky hills which is just overgrown by bushes. But now access to get there is easier to follow by motor vehicles. Road access are intentionally made by splitting towering limestone hills creating the view around the beach being very exotic. By the beaches, the limestone cliffs are perforated and engraved with beautiful sculpture characters as the place of the Five Pandava in the Mahabharata story. The Panorama of the beach is so beautiful and charming. With clean white sand with a bluish-green ocean waters, this beach is very suitable for bathing or swimming as the waves break in the middle of the sea. It is located to the East, make us possible to enjoy such a beautiful sunrise at the beach. The other charm of Pandawa Beach is the activity of seaweed farmers along the coast. In addition, we can see the activity of paragliding and motor trail up the Hill. Because the beach is located in line with Gunung Payung Beach, Kutuh Village, so we can enjoy a beautiful view of the waterfall of Gunung Payung Beach that spills to the beach.   Photo Source :

Pantai Pandawa

kuta selatan, Kabupaten Badung

Water Blow

kuta selatan, Kabupaten Badung

Yeh Panas Penatahan

tabanan, Kabupaten Tabanan


manggis, Kabupaten Karangasem

Pantai Watu Klotok

klungkung, Kabupaten Klungkung

Ekowisata Bukit Cemeng

bangli, Kabupaten Bangli

Desa Wisata Taman Sari / Undisan

tembuku, Kabupaten Bangli


Every year, millions of people flock to Bali to witness the spectacular, extravagant religious events and artistry of the Island.

Latest Event

Ubud Royal Cremation

Ngaben, which literally means 'turning into ashes', is one of the most special rituals in Hinduism and is practiced by the deeply spiritual Balinese community. They believe that life, along with death, is a transitional process. Furthermore, there is also the Pelebon - a cremation ceremony specifically held for members of the royal family. In mid-April, Ubud will host a grand cremation ceremony to honor the departure of Tjokorda Bagus Santaka, who passed away on February 2, 2024. Tjokorda Bagus Santaka was the eldest son of the late Tjokorda Agung Suyasa, who served as the pengelingsir (guardian) of Ubud Royal Palace. The peak of the cremation ceremony will take place on Sunday, April 14, 2024. All of krama banjar (community members) will gather to collectively carry the Lembu (large bull), Naga Banda (symbolized Dragon), and purpose-built Bade, which stands at over 25 meters high, on their shoulders over a distance of approximately 1 km, taking turns. The funeral procession will proceed from Ubud Royal Palace to the cemetery at Dalem Puri Temple, Peliatan. The preparation for the series of cremation ceremonies has started well in advance, considering the size of the Bade, Lembu, and Naga Banda that will be constructed as the final conveyance for the deceased towards heaven. Tourists can also witness these preparations as they are conducted in the vicinity of Ubud Royal Palace. This cremation ceremony will be a highly unique and rarely occurring event. So, if you have the opportunity to witness it firsthand, consider yourself very fortunat Save the Date! Date: April 14th 2024 Place: Ubud Royal Palace

See what is happening in Bali right now.

Bali, is paradise island of Indonesia, offers a rich diversity of experiences that you will never forget. What are the latest news and updates about Bali?

following up on the foreign tourist levy regulation, the bali government tourism office conducts monitoring at the uluwatu tourist destination.

In response to Bali Provincial Regulation Number 6 of 2023 Regarding Levies for Foreign Tourists for the Protection of Balinese Culture and Environment and Bali Governor Regulation Number 2 of 2024 Regarding Procedures for Payment of Levies for Foreign Tourists, the Bali Government Tourism Office conducted monitoring of tourists at the Uluwatu Tourist Attraction in Badung on Tuesday (3/26) afternoon. Tjok Bagus Pemayun, the Head of the Bali Government Tourism Office who directly led this monitoring, stated that this activity is part of both monitoring and socialization regarding the levy program for foreign tourists, which has been in effect since February 14, 2024. Such monitoring will be routinely carried out in tourist destinations. According to him, there are still foreign tourists who are unaware of the foreign tourist levy policy.   "In terms of regulation, monitoring or checking of levy vouchers is not only conducted at airports but also implemented in tourist destinations, accommodations, and other places visited by foreign tourists. Not all foreign tourists are aware that Bali has implemented this foreign tourist levy. We realize that the socialization efforts we have made so far have been insufficient, and we will intensify our socialization activities by disseminating information about this Foreign Tourist Levy on social media and collaborating with tourism stakeholders to help spread the information about Foreign Tourist Levy to their guests and clients" he explained.   For this reason, Tjok Pemayun admitted that the Bali provincial tourism office would continue to socialize, the response of foreign tourists was considered very good to this foreign tourist levy policy. "They welcome this policy, but it must be transparent and its use must be clear. We have conveyed that it will be used for environmental conservation and the strengthening of Balinese culture," he added. Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Recreation Park Business Association (PUTRI) I Gusti Ayu Agung Inda Trimafo Yudha also welcomed the foreign tourist levy policy. She said, she was ready to support and succeed the policy which she said was very good. “We welcome this policy and are ready to help the government, especially to assist the levy officers in carrying out their duties in the field. We must provide good services and explanations to tourists, do not let them be uncomfortable, we hope that the funds collected can also be used for the tourism sector in addition to the environment and culture,” She said. Chairman of the Bali Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) Ida Bagus Agung Parta Adnyana also said that he would continue to oversee the foreign tourist levy policy so as not to cause new problems in the tourism industry in the future. “We will definitely continue to guard, not to cause new problems in the tourism industry. The funds that have been collected at this time may be used immediately. Of course, I hope that the funds that have entered can also be returned for the tourism sector,” explained Gus Agung, the nickname of this Sanur tourism figure. Also present on this occasion were, the Manager of Tourist destination Management of the Outer Area of Uluwatu temple, Wayan Wijana Manager, Civil Service Police Unit of Bali Province, Civil Service Police Unit of Badung Regency, Indonesian Tourist Association (HPI) Bali, Association of The Indonesian Tours And Travel Agencies (ASITA) Bali.

starting at the end of march the bali provincial government holds inspection of tourist levy in tourism destinations.

The Bali Provincial Government is observing  and monitoring the Foreign Tourist Levy payment amount of IDR 150,000 since the policy started on 14th February, 2024. The policy is implemented according to the The Regulation of Bali Provincial Government Number 6 of 2023 on the Foreign Tourists Levy for the Protection of Bali Culture and Natural Environment.    The observation and monitoring initiative takes place on March 26, 2024, in popular tourist destinations in Bali such as Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, Ulun Danu Beratan, and Tampaksiring. The Bali Government Tourism Office along with the Tourism Police of Bali Provincial Government, Bali Tourism Board, ASITA (Association of The Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies) Bali and Bali Guide Association will actively collaborate to visit the tourist attractions. The observations and monitoring initiative is performed by asking foreign tourists on their obligations to the regulations yet to inform the foreign tourist by completing the registration online through the official website    The Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, clarified that the observation and monitoring  initiative aims to spread the information on foreign tourists levy implementation.    "We are conducting an observation and monitoring initiative, to spread the information about the foreign tourist levy in tourist attractions since the policy is quite new to be implemented in Bali," he stated. It has been reported that only 40 percent of foreign tourists arriving in Bali have made payments for the tourist levy. "Since the implementation of the Foreign Tourist Levy, an average of 5,000 foreign tourists have been paying per day," he remarked.   The tourist levy observation and monitoring initiative will be held at least twice a month, as an effort to introduce this new policy to foreign tourists in Bali. The initiative will be conducted at the gate of tourism destinations to avoid the possibility of tourists inconvenience during their stay in Bali.


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Love Bali Application as the Implementation of Bali Province Regional Regulation Number 6 of 2023 concerning Levy for Foreign Tourists for the Protection of Balinese Culture and Natural Environment.