Foreign Tourists levy are subject to Rp 150,000 per person.
The levy is paid only 1 (one) time while traveling in Bali, before the person leaves the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
Payment must be done cashless through electronic payment facilities. Payments can be done by accessing the Love Bali system before entering Bali or can be done at the payment counter which is available at the Airport and Port in Bali. Payments can also be made while traveling in Bali via Endpoints (hotels, travel agents, tourist attractions) that have been registered in the Love Bali system.
The foreign tourists are strongly encouraged to make online payments before departure to Bali to ease procedure upon arrival at the Airport and Port in Bali.
The International Tourists will get a proof of payment in the form of Levy voucher with a QR Code that is sent via email as entered in Love Bali system
Credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express and JCB), bank transfer, Virtual Account, and QRIS.
Every international tourist who travels to Bali and do tourist activities
Exemptions are granted to: (a) Holders of diplomatic and official visas; (b) Crew members on transportation vehicles; (c) Holder of Temporary Stay Permit Card (KITAS) or Permanent Stay Permit Card (КІТАР); (d) Holders of Family unification visas; (e) Holders of Student visas; (f) Holders of Golden visas, and (g) Holders of other visas. Points (f) and (g) need to apply through the Love Bali system, the rest are just by showing the card to the officer.
(1) The Law Number 15 in 2023 on Bali Province; (2) The Regulation of Bali Provincial Government Number 6 in 2023 on the International Tourists Levy for the Protection of Bali Culture and Natural Environment
Yes, this tax applies to cruise passengers. Foreign tourists can pay the tourist levy individually through or as a group through registered cruise agents using the LoveBali endpoint service.
Passengers can pay the tourist levy either individually through the provided website or as a group through registered cruise agents using the LoveBali endpoint service.
If you're a registered cruise agent with LoveBali endpoint, you can make group payments either by filling out an online form for up to 9 people or by downloading a spreadsheet template to input data for a maximum of 500 passengers per payment. If you have a manifest of 2,500 passengers, you can submit payments in 5 separate processes. When inputting passenger information, make sure to provide passport details, names as per passports, valid email addresses for levy voucher delivery, and planned arrival dates. If a passenger doesn't have an email, you can use the cruise agent's email, and the levy voucher will be sent to the cruise agent for further distribution to the passenger.
The levy voucher will be sent to the registered email address. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that the email address provided is active and valid. If there's an email registration error, levy payments can be verified based on passport data.