It is one of Bali Provincial Government program that can be defined as the active participation of tourists as their concern form on the preservation of natural environment and culture of Bali
It aims to support the Bali Provincial Government in implementing programs related to the preservation of nature and culture of Bali.
Legal basis of tourist contribution: (a) Bali Province Regulation Number 1 of 2020 regarding Tourist Contributions for the Preservation of Nature and Culture of Bali. (b) Bali Governor Regulation Number 27 of 2020 Regarding the Receipt and Use of Tourist Contributions to Preserve the Nature and Culture of Bali.
No, It is not. It is a voluntary program and without coercion.
It can be cash and/or goods. For tourists who want to contribute in form of cash, they can use Love Bali application. Those who choose in form of goods can contact Bali Government Tourism Office.
All foreigners who care about the natural environment and culture of Bali.
Tourists contribution in form of cash can be paid through Love Bali application. Tourists may deliver the contribution after registering as Love Bali application users.
Those who have contributed will receive Certificate of Appreciation from the Bali Provincial Government.
Yes, it is. Tourist can contribute later when they realize how important contribution for preserving the natural environment and culture of Bali.
Yes, it can. Love Bali application accommodate the delivering of tourist contribution in groups. The tourists representation will register each tourist whom joined to contribute and then make one payment process. All registered tourists will receive Certificate of Appreciation for their contribution.
It can be paid through Love Bali application, either independently or represented by others, or getting assisted by the facilitators (Travel Agent, Accommodations, Restaurants, and Tourism Attractions) that have been registered as Love Bali Endpoint. After being registered as Love Bali Application users, foreigners can access Contributor menu, then fill the amount of contribution and continue the payment process.
Basically tourists can pay with any currency, but the application provides IDR currency as the main preference for the payment. System will automatically convert your contribution with equivalent amount from IDR to USD currencies, or from others currencies of your choice (if your preference currency is other than USD and IDR). The equivalent amount is based on closing rate of Bank Indonesia the day before.
Tourists who want to pay the contribution through Love Bali application can use several methods, such as via Credit Card, Virtual Account, QRIS, and Channel of BPD Bali.