The Launching of Tourist Contribution for the Natural Protection and Culture of Bali

  • Update : 02 Aug 2022 10:50:44
love bali

The development of Bali become the major destination for tourism that is known to the world has given many positive impacts in terms of contributing to regional income and adding labor to Bali itself and the nationally. However, on the other hand, tourism development in Bali also has negative impacts. Overall there has been reducing or degradation both in quality and quantity in the Balinese natural environment, Balinese people, and Balinese culture.

To minimize degradation and the possibility of increasingly damaged to Bali natural environment and the extinction of Balinese culture supported mainly by Balinese people, a real program of preserving the natural environment and culture of Bali must be planned, directed, structured, measurable, and sustainable so that Bali again becomes Padma Bhuwana, the center of world civilization that is beautiful, sacred, mataksu. The program to conserve Bali's natural environment and culture must be carried out in parallel and simultaneously in 3 (three) ways, namely restoration, conservation, and revitalization. It's implementation should become the main task and responsibility of the Government and Local Government, while the participation of Balinese society is a supporting element.

In order to protect nature, culture and infrastructure need to conduct the regulation which is enforcing International Tourists Contribution regulated in the Bali Provincial local regulation Number 1 of 2022 concerning tourist contributions for the protection of nature and culture of Bali. The launching of tourists contributions was held on Friday (Sukra Umanis, Merakih), 29th of July 2022 in Peninsula Island, ITDC, Nusa Dua - Badung. The voluntary contribution in the form of goods or cash which could be accessed by Love Bali application ( The collected donation is managed by the Bali Provincial Government professionally with transparency and accountability that will be prioritized for the protection of the natural environment, culture and infrastructure in improving quality and competitiveness of the Bali tourism implementation to welcome international tourists who visit Bali.

The regulation is a description of vision “Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali” through the Planned Universe Development Pattern (Pola Pembangunan Semesta Berencana) towards Bali new era and is sourced from the values of Sad Kerthi local wisdom namely the six main sources of prosperity and happiness in human life and the implementation of bureaucratic reform that prioritizes the implementation of public services to provide various types of services that handle the needed things by tourists and Balinese people, especially the fulfillment of better infrastructure and protection of Balinese nature and culture.



Photo source: The Official Website of Tourism Authority of Kabupaten Jembrana