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Bali again won awards from international institutions. This time its Club Med's turn to name the Island of the Gods Bali as the happiest holiday in the world in 2022. Club Med is a French company that operates in the resort sector. Club Med considers the island of Bali to be full of beautiful scenery, low crime rates, and friendly local people. Plus some tourist attractions in Bali have affordable prices. Bali is the most popular destination for those looking for a happy and stress-free holiday destination. The survey, conducted by Club Med, uses a variety of sources to find out which cities in the world offer happiness as a vacation spot. The team first collected data on the 50 most visited tourist destinations globally.

In its survey, Club Med considered a number of aspects, including pollution, crime and beer costs, the number of outdoor activities, day trips, spas and wellness centers in each city per 100,000 people. Bali comes out on top. Following Bali, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Barcelona and Amsterdam are in the top five, with each offering a unique experience for travelers, making happiness a top priority.

Bali was chosen for the excellent spa and wellness services it offers and the great outdoor activities, rated perfect for those seeking relaxation and adventure in their holiday. This is in line with the government's plan to make Bali one of the pilot locations for the development of wellness tourism, especially in Sanur and Ubud. Bali has also proven to be a popular destination for foreign tourists since the reopening of international borders.

Club Med lists the 10 happiest vacation destinations. Here's the list:
1. Bali, Indonesia.
2. Las Vegas, United States of America.
3. New Orleans, United States of America.
4. Barcelona, Spain.
5. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
6. Budapest, Hungary.
7. Vancouver, Canada.
8. San Francisco, United States.
9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).
10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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