Bali Arts Festival 2024: Embracing the Theme "Jana Kerthi" Preserving the Nation's Cultural Heritage

  • Update : 01 Jun 2024 16:18
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The Bali Arts Festival (Pesta Kesenian Bali or PKB) returns in June 15 until July 13 2024 with the theme "Jana Kerthi," which means "Glorifying the Ocean." This theme aims to elevate and preserve the values of the nation's cultural heritage through various forms of art and tradition. This event is not only a showcase of artistic performances but also a tangible effort to honor and sustain ancestral heritage.

"Jana Kerthi" is derived from Sanskrit, where "Jana" means human and "Kerthi" means sanctity or glory. Thus, "Jana Kerthi" can be interpreted as the glory of humanity. This theme was chosen to emphasize the importance of maintaining human values and harmony between people and nature, as well as among themselves.

Events and Performances

PKB 2024 will feature a variety of programs and activities that reflect the theme "Jana Kerthi." Some of the main activities include:

1.    Opening Parade: Featuring various traditional arts from all districts in Bali, this parade will be a spectacular opening event. Participants will wear traditional costumes and carry cultural symbols that reflect the event's theme.

2.    Art and Craft Exhibition: Showcasing artworks and handicrafts by local artists, this exhibition aims to introduce and promote Bali's rich arts and culture to a broader audience.

3.    Traditional Art Performances: Various traditional art performances such as dance, music, and dance dramas will be held throughout the event. These performances will feature classical Balinese arts rich in philosophical and aesthetic meanings.

4.    Workshops and Discussions: Bringing together experts and art practitioners to share knowledge and experiences on cultural preservation. These workshops are expected to raise awareness and participation among the younger generation in preserving cultural heritage.

5.    Art Competitions: Various art competitions such as dance, painting, and sculpture will be held to encourage creativity and innovation among young artists. These competitions also serve as a platform to appreciate artworks that embody the theme "Jana Kerthi."


Impact and Expectations

PKB 2024 is expected to have a positive impact on the preservation of Balinese culture. With the theme "Jana Kerthi," this event reminds us of the importance of maintaining human values in all aspects of life. Moreover, PKB serves as a means to strengthen cultural identity and foster pride in ancestral heritage.

Furthermore, PKB 2024 is expected to attract local and international tourists, thereby contributing to the regional economy. Through this event, Bali can showcase its rich cultural heritage while reinforcing its position as a premier cultural tourism destination.

PKB 2024 with the theme "Jana Kerthi" is not merely an artistic showcase but also a tangible commitment of the Balinese people to preserving cultural heritage. Through various activities, this event invites all of us to reflect on and appreciate noble human values. Hopefully, PKB 2024 will serve as a momentum to strengthen cultural identity and pass on these values to future generations.




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This exciting feature goes live on the sweetest day of the year – February 14th, 2024!

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