Teba Majalangu

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Kesiman Kertalangu Village is located in the East Denpasar sub-district, about 15 km east of Denpasar city center. In Kesiman Kertalangu Village, there is a tourist attraction known as the Subak Teba Majelangu Educational Tour.

The meaning of the name teBA Majelangu is 'Tempat Belajar Majelangu (A Natural Learning Place of Majelangu)'. At the Subak TeBA Majelangu Educational Tour, children are introduced to nature, such as animals, plants, and Balinese culture. So that children get early education about nature, considering that in the current globalization and digital era, children tend to be active with gadgets. Besides that, the Subak TeBA Majelangu Educational Tour also functions as a place for residents to relax where people can walk along the jogging track and also have ecological functions, economic functions and planological functions.


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Love Bali Application as the Implementation of Bali Province Regional Regulation Number 6 of 2023 concerning Levy for Foreign Tourists for the Protection of Balinese Culture and Natural Environment.