Bunut Bolong

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Bunut Bolong is a giant bunut tree in the village of Manggisari in Jembrana, West Bali. This very old giant bunut tree is a natural landmark that is sacred by the locals. They believe the tree is centuries old. The word "Bunut" is a Balinese word for a certain type of tree that has characteristics similar to banyan trees, and the word "Bolong" means "hole", thus the word "Bunut Bolong" means a Bunut tree that has a hole in it. At first glance, when we hear the name, we can already imagine that Bunut is a tree that has similar characteristics to a banyan tree, but the roots that hang from the trunk directly touch the ground, becoming a new trunk with beautiful curves, and uniquely in the middle of the tree there is a hole. As if it were like an alley, the diameter of which could allow vehicles to pass freely, seen from a distance as if straddling the paved road that was between its two halves. This unique Balinese landmark is located in a cool highland area. Fog often occurs in the morning and evening. This adds a magical aura to the site. Bunut Bolong is practically a highlight in the middle of the trip. 


Photo Source : wonderful.jembranakab.go.id


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