Agro Wisata Kebun Salak

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Sibetan is the name of a village in Bebandem District which has a unique agricultural potential in Karangasem Regency which is famous for its salak plant. Almost all residents in this village are salak farmers who are spread evenly on the right and left along the village roads and main highways. Salak fruit produced by this village is very well known as Balinese salak which has its own taste and is different from similar fruits from other regions in Indonesia.

Therefore, this village was developed as an agro-tourism object for salak plants. The cool air gives added value to the existence of this object where the management is carried out by local residents who are members of the Dukuh Lestari tourism awareness group. There are 15 types of salak varieties that grow in Sibetan Village, some of which are superior products, such as pineapple salak and granulated sugar which taste very sweet, fresh and have thick flesh.


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