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The Safari and Marine Park in Gianyar is one of the finest wildlife sanctuaries in Bali. Home to more than 100 animal species the Safari and Marine Park is a complete outdoor package. Wildlife from Indian, African and Indonesian national parks find their place here and can be viewed from the comfort...
Ceking Rice Terrace at Tegalalang Gianyar Bali is a very natural terraced rice field. The view of terraced rice fields, looks like natural stairs with rice plants, surrounded by rows of natural and charming palm trees.
Lebih Beach is located in the south of Gianyar City or more precisely in Lebih Village, Gianyar District which is about 7 km away from Gianyar City.In addition to enjoying the view of the beach, at Lebih Beach, tourists can enjoy a variety of culinary delights made from marine fish.
Locals believe that the sacred water flowing at the Tirta Empul Temple has the power to heal and cleanse their bodies and souls. Soaking in the spring water in this serene and historic temple is an experience not to be missed. Cover of this content picture: Florian GIORGIO on Unsplash
Neka Art Museum
This huge cave, also a Buddhist temple, is covered in carved stories and sacred figures. The temple features a large bathing pool, built to cleanse the soul and ward off evil spirits, so legend has it.
Badung Market is the city's economic center located on Jalan Gajah Mada, which is the main street and a traditional shopping center in Denpasar. Local residents who shop not only come from the Denpasar community but also come from outside the city. Denpasar Traditional Market which is located on the...
Maospahit Temple is a Balinese Hindu temple located in Denpasar, Bali. This temple is known for its red brick architecture, reminiscent of the architecture from the 13th century, the Majapahit Kingdom, as the name suggests. Pura Maospahit is the only temple in Bali which was built using a concept kn...
Taman Budaya Art Center includes a complex of cultural and entertainment buildings in Denpasar, there is a museum of works of art, space for concerts and entertainment.The Art Center is a place for performing arts and to develop the artistic talents of the Balinese people.
Candidasa is a great place for snorkeling and diving. There are three islands just off the coast: Gili Tepekong, Gili Mimpang and - a little further northeast, Gili Biaha. All three offer excellent diving areas, especially for experienced divers.