Love Bali invites you to join in supporting the tourism industry, with a focus on protecting the culture and natural environment of Bali.

As a form of support that aims to protect the customs, traditions, arts and culture, and local wisdom of the Balinese people. Bali will impose levy for the international tourist.
Efforts and innovations will continue to be made for maintenance the culture and the natural environment in Bali. There will also continue to be an improvement in the quality of services.

Places of Interest

The most well-known place in Bali, to make your holiday perfect and dont be missed!


Pantai Pandawa

Pandawa Beach may still sound unfamiliar and not-so-famous for today. But this beach has a million charms that have not been exposed and are still squeezed by limestone cliffs. Situated in the village of kutuh, Sub-District of South Kuta, Badung Regency, it is located approximately 3 km from the tourist area of Nusa Dua and Uluwatu Temple. Originally, Pandava Beach is known as the Secret Beach, because it’s hidden behind a row of rocky hills which is just overgrown by bushes. But now access to get there is easier to follow by motor vehicles. Road access are intentionally made by splitting towering limestone hills creating the view around the beach being very exotic. By the beaches, the limestone cliffs are perforated and engraved with beautiful sculpture characters as the place of the Five Pandava in the Mahabharata story. The Panorama of the beach is so beautiful and charming. With clean white sand with a bluish-green ocean waters, this beach is very suitable for bathing or swimming as the waves break in the middle of the sea. It is located to the East, make us possible to enjoy such a beautiful sunrise at the beach. The other charm of Pandawa Beach is the activity of seaweed farmers along the coast. In addition, we can see the activity of paragliding and motor trail up the Hill. Because the beach is located in line with Gunung Payung Beach, Kutuh Village, so we can enjoy a beautiful view of the waterfall of Gunung Payung Beach that spills to the beach.   Photo Source :

Pantai Pandawa

kuta selatan, Kabupaten Badung

Water Blow

kuta selatan, Kabupaten Badung

Yeh Panas Penatahan

tabanan, Kabupaten Tabanan


manggis, Kabupaten Karangasem

Pantai Watu Klotok

klungkung, Kabupaten Klungkung

Ekowisata Bukit Cemeng

bangli, Kabupaten Bangli

Desa Wisata Taman Sari / Undisan

tembuku, Kabupaten Bangli


Every year, millions of people flock to Bali to witness the spectacular, extravagant religious events and artistry of the Island.

Latest Event

Lovina Festival

The Lovina Festival is an annual event held in Lovina Beach, located on the northern coast of Bali, Indonesia. Lovina Beach is known for its black sand beaches, dolphin watching tours, and tranquil atmosphere. The festival celebrates the unique culture, heritage, and natural beauty of the Lovina area. The Lovina Festival typically features a variety of cultural performances, music concerts, art exhibitions, culinary showcases, and sporting events. Visitors to the festival can expect to enjoy traditional Balinese dance performances, live music concerts featuring local and international artists, art exhibitions highlighting the work of local artists, and culinary events showcasing traditional Balinese cuisine. The Lovina Festival is a popular event that attracts visitors from all over Bali and beyond who are interested in experiencing the unique culture and natural beauty of Lovina Beach. It provides a vibrant celebration of the area's cultural heritage and serves as a showcase for the local community's talents and traditions. As with any festival, specific dates and events may vary from year to year, so it's a good idea to check with local tourism authorities or event organizers for the most up-to-date information if you're planning to attend the Lovina Festival. Date: July 2024

See what is happening in Bali right now.

Bali, is paradise island of Indonesia, offers a rich diversity of experiences that you will never forget. What are the latest news and updates about Bali?

bali arts festival 2024: embracing the theme "jana kerthi" preserving the nation's cultural heritage

The Bali Arts Festival (Pesta Kesenian Bali or PKB) returns in June 15 until July 13 2024 with the theme "Jana Kerthi," which means "Glorifying the Ocean." This theme aims to elevate and preserve the values of the nation's cultural heritage through various forms of art and tradition. This event is not only a showcase of artistic performances but also a tangible effort to honor and sustain ancestral heritage. "Jana Kerthi" is derived from Sanskrit, where "Jana" means human and "Kerthi" means sanctity or glory. Thus, "Jana Kerthi" can be interpreted as the glory of humanity. This theme was chosen to emphasize the importance of maintaining human values and harmony between people and nature, as well as among themselves. Events and Performances PKB 2024 will feature a variety of programs and activities that reflect the theme "Jana Kerthi." Some of the main activities include: 1.    Opening Parade: Featuring various traditional arts from all districts in Bali, this parade will be a spectacular opening event. Participants will wear traditional costumes and carry cultural symbols that reflect the event's theme. 2.    Art and Craft Exhibition: Showcasing artworks and handicrafts by local artists, this exhibition aims to introduce and promote Bali's rich arts and culture to a broader audience. 3.    Traditional Art Performances: Various traditional art performances such as dance, music, and dance dramas will be held throughout the event. These performances will feature classical Balinese arts rich in philosophical and aesthetic meanings. 4.    Workshops and Discussions: Bringing together experts and art practitioners to share knowledge and experiences on cultural preservation. These workshops are expected to raise awareness and participation among the younger generation in preserving cultural heritage. 5.    Art Competitions: Various art competitions such as dance, painting, and sculpture will be held to encourage creativity and innovation among young artists. These competitions also serve as a platform to appreciate artworks that embody the theme "Jana Kerthi."   Impact and Expectations PKB 2024 is expected to have a positive impact on the preservation of Balinese culture. With the theme "Jana Kerthi," this event reminds us of the importance of maintaining human values in all aspects of life. Moreover, PKB serves as a means to strengthen cultural identity and foster pride in ancestral heritage. Furthermore, PKB 2024 is expected to attract local and international tourists, thereby contributing to the regional economy. Through this event, Bali can showcase its rich cultural heritage while reinforcing its position as a premier cultural tourism destination. PKB 2024 with the theme "Jana Kerthi" is not merely an artistic showcase but also a tangible commitment of the Balinese people to preserving cultural heritage. Through various activities, this event invites all of us to reflect on and appreciate noble human values. Hopefully, PKB 2024 will serve as a momentum to strengthen cultural identity and pass on these values to future generations.    

"bali has achieved the top spot for the best island destination in 2024."

Bali has once again clinched the prestigious title of the best island destination in 2024, marking another remarkable achievement on the global stage. Renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes, rich cultural tapestry, and warm hospitality, Bali continues to captivate travelers from around the world. Expressing his pride in Bali's accomplishment, Sandiaga Uno, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, emphasized that this accolade reaffirms the island's status as a leading destination in the hearts and minds of tourists. He noted, "This award is further evidence that Bali remains a top-tier destination that travelers simply cannot afford to miss." Offering an array of activities, from basking on idyllic beaches to exploring ancient temples and savoring delicious local cuisine, Bali caters to diverse interests and preferences. With accommodation options ranging from luxurious hotels to secluded villas, visitors can find lodging that suits their needs and budgets. Bali's top ranking in the DestinAsian Readers' Choice Awards underscores its enduring appeal among travelers. Voted for by dedicated readers of DestinAsian magazine, a respected publication in the Asia Pacific region, this recognition highlights Bali's captivating beauty, vibrant culture, and welcoming atmosphere. With its unparalleled charm and cultural richness, Bali stands out as a premier destination for travelers seeking unforgettable experiences. Whether it's a romantic retreat, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, Bali promises a journey filled with unparalleled wonders and cherished memories.


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Love Bali Application as the Implementation of Bali Province Regional Regulation Number 6 of 2023 concerning Levy for Foreign Tourists for the Protection of Balinese Culture and Natural Environment.