Bali Art Festival

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Bali Arts Festival known as PKB (Pesta Kesenian Bali) is an annual arts festival in Bali that celebrates, preserves and develops Balinese art and culture. Traditional art performance is created as a means of activity and creativity of artists in supporting the government program in term of exchanging, preserving and developing Balinese cultural art values. The Bali Arts Festival is intended to motivate people to explore, discover and display the artistic contributions of the Balinese community. The PKB offers a variety of unique and different themes each year. This year, the Bali Arts Festival will adopt the theme "Jana Kerthi Pramaguna Wikrama," which means "Uplifting Human Dignity and Excellence."

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Held annually, the Bali Arts Festival is the cultural highlight of the year. This month-long festival is a showcase of Balinese art, music, dance and literature. The Bali Arts Festival 2024 will be held between 15 June and 13 July, at Taman Werdhi Budaya Art Centre (Bali Art Center).


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This exciting feature goes live on the sweetest day of the year – February 14th, 2024!

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