Tanah Lot Art and Culture Festival

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Tanah Lot Art and Culture Festival is an event that encompasses Art, culture, culinary, and exhibition activities are combined into a unified concept that prioritizes the local potential of Tabanan, with active participation from the local millennial generation. This festival offers a wide range of entertainment and classical arts, as well as local Tabanan cuisine. Interestingly, the festival, which will be held in the middle of June, 2024, will be enlivened by the Gebogan parade, which will be showcased every day throughout the festival.

This festival is expected to boost visits to Tanah Lot. The offerings of the festival are popular among both locals and tourists. In its implementation, the festival also includes a SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) exhibition aimed at boosting the local economy. The products of SMEs and cottage industries are well-received and popular among tourists. Examples include coconut shell crafts, colorful handicrafts from small industries, and more.

Save the Date:

Date: In the middle of June (around 22-25) 2024

Place: Tanah Lot Beach


Coming Soon

This exciting feature goes live on the sweetest day of the year – February 14th, 2024!

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