Bhinneka Pantai Jerman Culture Festival

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The Bhinneka Pantai Jerman Culture Festival is an event that showcases cultural arts performances such as the Bapang Barong and Mekendang Tunggal Festival, Legong Keraton Dance, Spearfishing Competition, MSME Bazaar, Exhibition of Plastic Residue Processed Products, and an innovative Female Kecak Dance performance. In addition to artistic performances, this festival also hosts various activities aimed at environmental preservation such as the release of hatchlings into the sea and Beach Clean-Up Movement.

The goal of the Bhinneka Pantai Jerman Culture Festival is to introduce the Jerman Beach to tourists. Thus, through this event, it is expected to have a positive impact on MSME actors or tourism actors in Jerman Beach.


Date: June 2024

Place: Jerman Beach, Kuta


Coming Soon

This exciting feature goes live on the sweetest day of the year – February 14th, 2024!

Love Bali Application as the Implementation of Bali Province Regional Regulation Number 6 of 2023 concerning Levy for Foreign Tourists for the Protection of Balinese Culture and Natural Environment.