Ubud Royal Cremation

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Ngaben, which literally means 'turning into ashes', is one of the most special rituals in Hinduism and is practiced by the deeply spiritual Balinese community. They believe that life, along with death, is a transitional process. Furthermore, there is also the Pelebon - a cremation ceremony specifically held for members of the royal family.

In mid-April, Ubud will host a grand cremation ceremony to honor the departure of Tjokorda Bagus Santaka, who passed away on February 2, 2024. Tjokorda Bagus Santaka was the eldest son of the late Tjokorda Agung Suyasa, who served as the pengelingsir (guardian) of Ubud Royal Palace.

The peak of the cremation ceremony will take place on Sunday, April 14, 2024. All of krama banjar (community members) will gather to collectively carry the Lembu (large bull), Naga Banda (symbolized Dragon), and purpose-built Bade, which stands at over 25 meters high, on their shoulders over a distance of approximately 1 km, taking turns. The funeral procession will proceed from Ubud Royal Palace to the cemetery at Dalem Puri Temple, Peliatan.

The preparation for the series of cremation ceremonies has started well in advance, considering the size of the Bade, Lembu, and Naga Banda that will be constructed as the final conveyance for the deceased towards heaven. Tourists can also witness these preparations as they are conducted in the vicinity of Ubud Royal Palace. This cremation ceremony will be a highly unique and rarely occurring event. So, if you have the opportunity to witness it firsthand, consider yourself very fortunat

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Date: April 14th 2024

Place: Ubud Royal Palace


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