immigration policies of electronic visa on arrival and second home visa to support bali tourism

Quoted from the website The Electronic Visa on Arrival application officially opened to the public on Thursday (10/11/2022). The e-VOA inauguration ceremony was held at Courtyard Nusa Dua, Bali and was attended by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Menkomarves) Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan and Deputy Minister for Law and Human Rights Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej. "The e-VOA policy resulting from the innovation of the Directorate General of Immigration is a very strategic policy. The application of e-VOA is expected to make a real contribution to encouraging the entry of foreign tourists and business people from all over the world to Indonesia. The ease and speed of this immigration service can increase the enthusiasm of the world community to come to Indonesia. This will have a positive impact on the wheels of the country's economy. With e-VOA, foreigners only need to register their visa applications through the website After that, they can immediately make online payments using a credit card or debit card bearing the Visa, MasterCard or JCB logo. The e-VOA service is increasingly opening the entrance gate for foreigners who have the potential to enter Indonesia through digital transformation. Immigration can make a real contribution by providing policies and facilities to support the world of tourism, increasing foreign investment and creating jobs, by attracting tourists or the upper class from various countries, global talent, the world's miliarder businessmen to come and develop their investment and business in Indonesia. The Second Home Visa has also been launched, this policy was planned in 2020 and launched post the COVID-19 Pandemic to be able to stimulate foreign tourists, especially global business people, to stay longer and invest in Bali and other destinations in Indonesia. As well as stimulating the tourism sector to contribute to the Balinese and National economy. The target of this policy is foreign tourists who have money to enjoy their old age coming to Bali and other destinations in Indonesia in the midst of efforts to recover the economy and a dynamic global economy. With this visa they can live in Indonesia for 5-10 years and carry out various activities such as investing, working and other activities. Photo source:

reopened flights from narita airport, japan to ngurah rai airport denpasar, bali

PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk (GIAA) has officially reopened its international connectivity in Indonesia by making the first direct flight from Narita Airport, Tokyo Japan to Ngurah Rai Airport Denpasar, Bali. This inaugural flight was escorted directly by the President Director of Garuda Indonesia, Irfan Setiaputra, as many as 150 passengers participating in the Garuda famtrip, and a number of business people and Japanese tourists who wanted to do business or vacation in Bali. This new route flight using the A330-GA 300 fleet took off at 11.00 local time and arrived at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali, at 18.05 WITA. The GA 300 has a capacity of 251 passengers with 36 business class and 215 economy class configurations. The flight departure was attended by the Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia John Tjahjanto Boestami and the Coordinator of Socio-Cultural Information Meinarti Fauzie. Meanwhile, Garuda was represented directly by the President Director Garuda Indonesia Irfan Setiaputra and Head of the Garuda Indonesia Representative Office in Tokyo Sony Syahlan. The Bali Provincial Government was attended by the Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, accompanied by the Head of Marketing Division, Ida Ayu Indah Yustikarini. The Indonesian Ambassador to Japan Heri Akhmadi ensured the full support of the Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo in Garuda Indonesia's direct flight service from Narita Tokyo, Japan to Denpasar Bali, Indonesia because it can increase foreign tourists in Bali. The release of the direct flight from Tokyo's Narita airport, Japan to Bali, I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport, Denpasar was enlivened by the performance of Balinese art, namely the Peacock dance from Mrs. Ami Hasegawa accompanied by Rindik Bali by Putu Setiawan. Appreciation is given to Garuda Indonesia airline which continues its Narita Tokyo Japan flight service to I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport in Denpasar Bali amid the government's efforts to restore the national economy after the COVID-19 pandemic by continuously promoting Indonesian tourism, especially in increasing tourist visits to Bali.  

bali as the happiest holiday destination in the world 2022

Bali again won awards from international institutions. This time its Club Med's turn to name the Island of the Gods Bali as the happiest holiday in the world in 2022. Club Med is a French company that operates in the resort sector. Club Med considers the island of Bali to be full of beautiful scenery, low crime rates, and friendly local people. Plus some tourist attractions in Bali have affordable prices. Bali is the most popular destination for those looking for a happy and stress-free holiday destination. The survey, conducted by Club Med, uses a variety of sources to find out which cities in the world offer happiness as a vacation spot. The team first collected data on the 50 most visited tourist destinations globally. In its survey, Club Med considered a number of aspects, including pollution, crime and beer costs, the number of outdoor activities, day trips, spas and wellness centers in each city per 100,000 people. Bali comes out on top. Following Bali, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Barcelona and Amsterdam are in the top five, with each offering a unique experience for travelers, making happiness a top priority. Bali was chosen for the excellent spa and wellness services it offers and the great outdoor activities, rated perfect for those seeking relaxation and adventure in their holiday. This is in line with the government's plan to make Bali one of the pilot locations for the development of wellness tourism, especially in Sanur and Ubud. Bali has also proven to be a popular destination for foreign tourists since the reopening of international borders. Club Med lists the 10 happiest vacation destinations. Here's the list:1. Bali, Indonesia.2. Las Vegas, United States of America.3. New Orleans, United States of America.4. Barcelona, Spain.5. Amsterdam, Netherlands.6. Budapest, Hungary.7. Vancouver, Canada.8. San Francisco, United States.9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

first china airlines resumes flights to bali after two years suspended

China Airlines Airbus A330-302 (B-18317) officially landed at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport at 15.00 WITA China Airlines CAL771 which carried 163 passengers with a journey of 5 hours 30 minutes. This inaugural flight was greeted with water salutes as an expression of enthusiasm for the resumption of direct flight connectivity to and from Chinese Taipei. The arrival of the Chinese airline with the Taipei - Denpasar (PP) route adds to Bali Airport's international flights which previously had reached 21 routes. The arrival of the Chinese airline with the Taipei - Denpasar (PP) route adds to Bali Airport's international flights which previously had reached 21 routes that will fly 2 times a week, every Tuesday and Friday to improve flight connectivity. This route is the first route from China since the opening of international flights at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, thus increasing the number of statistics to 22 routes served. If seen before the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic, the most foreigners from China headed to Bali Island, namely, 1,196,497, followed by 1,137,087 Australian foreigners and 377,543 Indian foreigners. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, namely, in 2019, there were 8 airlines serving China special flights with 20 routes, including China Airlines, this became a reference to provide opportunities for other airlines to participate in expanding routes, as one of the efforts to recover from the impact of the pandemic. COVID-19. In total, I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport - Bali from January to August 2022 has served 1,860,842 special international passengers with 10,647 aircraft carrying it. This means that China Airlines flights will also add to international statistical records in September 2022. With this flight, the tourism sector on the island of Bali can be revived which has an effect on increasing the dominant economy of the Balinese people. In addition, the holding of the G20 Summit will provide easy access to connectivity to various selected routes, especially international ones.

the launching of tourist contribution for the natural protection and culture of bali

The development of Bali become the major destination for tourism that is known to the world has given many positive impacts in terms of contributing to regional income and adding labor to Bali itself and the nationally. However, on the other hand, tourism development in Bali also has negative impacts. Overall there has been reducing or degradation both in quality and quantity in the Balinese natural environment, Balinese people, and Balinese culture. To minimize degradation and the possibility of increasingly damaged to Bali natural environment and the extinction of Balinese culture supported mainly by Balinese people, a real program of preserving the natural environment and culture of Bali must be planned, directed, structured, measurable, and sustainable so that Bali again becomes Padma Bhuwana, the center of world civilization that is beautiful, sacred, mataksu. The program to conserve Bali's natural environment and culture must be carried out in parallel and simultaneously in 3 (three) ways, namely restoration, conservation, and revitalization. It's implementation should become the main task and responsibility of the Government and Local Government, while the participation of Balinese society is a supporting element. In order to protect nature, culture and infrastructure need to conduct the regulation which is enforcing International Tourists Contribution regulated in the Bali Provincial local regulation Number 1 of 2022 concerning tourist contributions for the protection of nature and culture of Bali. The launching of tourists contributions was held on Friday (Sukra Umanis, Merakih), 29th of July 2022 in Peninsula Island, ITDC, Nusa Dua - Badung. The voluntary contribution in the form of goods or cash which could be accessed by Love Bali application ( The collected donation is managed by the Bali Provincial Government professionally with transparency and accountability that will be prioritized for the protection of the natural environment, culture and infrastructure in improving quality and competitiveness of the Bali tourism implementation to welcome international tourists who visit Bali. The regulation is a description of vision “Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali” through the Planned Universe Development Pattern (Pola Pembangunan Semesta Berencana) towards Bali new era and is sourced from the values of Sad Kerthi local wisdom namely the six main sources of prosperity and happiness in human life and the implementation of bureaucratic reform that prioritizes the implementation of public services to provide various types of services that handle the needed things by tourists and Balinese people, especially the fulfillment of better infrastructure and protection of Balinese nature and culture.     Photo source: The Official Website of Tourism Authority of Kabupaten Jembrana

ubud as the world's best city

Travel + Leisure magazine has just released the 25 best cities in the world and Ubud in Bali, Indonesia has managed to rank the third place. The list is based on a poll of readers, they share their travel experiences and provide ratings.   The assessment was based on several categories, ranging from landmarks, culture, culinary, community friendliness, and other values. Ubud the world's best city does offer a variety of interesting things. No wonder many foreign tourists choose to stay for long period in the area.   The city of Ubud is located in the highlands of Bali. The city is also known as a center of culture, art, and the natural beauty. Ubud offers another side of Bali. In Ubud, visitors can enjoy to view the rice terrace with temples and sacred places of worship.   If Ubud, the world's best city, is in third place, then who is at the top? The city that occupies the top position this time is Oaxaca in Mexico. Followed by San Miguel de Allende. Here's a list of the best cities in the world in 2022 :   Oaxaca, Mexico San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Ubud, Indonesia Florence, Italy Istanbul, Turkey Mexico City, Mexico Chiang Mai, Thailand Jaipur, India Osaka, Japan Udaipur, India Seville, Spain Merida, Mexico Tokyo, Japan Kyoto, Japan Siem Reap, Cambodia Seoul, South Korea Bodrum, Turkey Rome, Italy Muscat, Oman Hoi An, Vietnam Cuzco, Peru Cape Town Charleston, South Carolina, USA Bangkok, Thailand Ljubljana, Slovenia   Thus are the list of the best cities in the world 2022, including Ubud as the world's best city.     Photo Source: Monkey Forest Ubud Official Website

tourists who come to bali post pandemic, can enjoy the kharisma event nusantara (archipelago charisma event)

Bali Tourism revives along with the given easing by the Government as follows: Visa on Arrival, no Quarantine and Free PCR Swab for those who have been fully vaccinated or booster. A number of International Tourists also look on vacation at the island of a thousand temples. Enjoying the beauty of its nature, the hospitality of people and diversity of cultures. Completing the concept of Cultural Tourism that was created by the Island as the Last Paradise in the World, Bali Provincial Government prepared Bali superior cultural events to be included in the list of National Cultural Event which is known as the Kharisma Event Nusantara (Archipelago Charisma Event). There are seven events of many cultural events in Bali that are qualify for the list of the Kharisma Event Nusantara (Archipelago Charisma Event), the ministry of tourism and Creative Economy 2022 as follows : Bali Spirit Festival, Bali Art Festival, Ubud Village Jazz Festival, Sanur Village Festival, Pemuteran Bay Festival, Denpasar Festival, dan Penglipuran Village Festival.. Events Holding Time as follows:                       Bali Spirit Festival, May, 19th till 22nd, 2022,  in Ubud Bali Art Festival, June, 12th till July, 10th 2022, in Denpasar Ubud Village Jazz Festival, 12th till August, 13th,2022, in Ubud Sanur Village Festival, 19th till –August, 21st 2022, in Sanur. Pemuteran Bay Festival, 11th till November, 13th 2022, in Buleleng Denpasar Festival at the end of November till December, 22nd, 2022 in Denpasar Penglipuran Village Festival, 7th till December, 10th 2022, in Bangli.   ==== Cultural Tourist Attraction === Through The Kharisma Event Nusantara (Archipelago Charisma Event), these events will be promoted to the whole world together with events from others regions in Indonesia. Thus, for tourists who come to Bali, in addition to enjoy the nature and culture of Bali, they also be able to enjoy festival according to the existing schedule. So as, there will be variation of cultural attraction when they are in Bali. The implementation of these seven events, it is hoped to show the world that Bali Tourism has revived and is ready to be visited. Safety and convenience does not need to be questioned again because, the whole Balinese people are greatly aware to keep safety and convenience of tourists especially post pandemic.   ==Choice of Vacation Schedule=== The head of Bali Government Tourism Office, Tjok Bagus Pemayun said, these seven festivals became a choice for expectant tourists who would go on vacation to Bali. Thus, they can plan and choose a suitable time for having vacation to Bali and choose which festival that can be enjoyed because there are some shown festivals almost every month. He said recently. On this occasion, Tjok Bagus also said the total numbers of foreign tourist visit that had come to Bali amount 14.430 people who used Visa on Arrival (VoA) service until April, 5th, 2022, he said. The enhancement of tourists visit inseparable from the formation of herd immunity. The vaccination achievement exceeded the target of 30 percent of Balinese population approximately 4 million people. He insisted.   From the data of Covid-19 task force per April, 14th, 2022, booster vaccination in Bali Province reached 57, 49%. All regions had reached above 40 %. The highest reached 76, 32% in Denpasar. Balinese people were very discipline in following health protocol,” he said. The Head of Bali Goverment Tourism Office, Tjok Bagus Pemayun mentioned there are seven festivals that will be held in Bali. This festival, also invites micro, small and medium business owners to participate, he explained. It being said, Bali Spirit Festival is a delight festival to unite yoga, music and dance into one exciting event. Held in Ubud every year, this event has grown bigger from year to year, so that it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Next, Bali Art Festival is an annual parade or art festival that is initiated by the Government of Bali, it is intended as a vessel of activity and creativity for the artists, in order to support the government’s program in terms of excavation, preservation, development of the values of Balinese culture and arts. The Ubud Village Jazz Festival is a music festival that takes place in the artistic area of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Since 2010, Yuri Mahatma, a musician/composer/music instructor, and the founder of Underground Jazz Movement with Anom Darsana, director and owner of ANTIDA Music Production have worked together for several regular jazz concert projects, each time delivering different themes. Afterward, Sanur Village Festival (SVF) is an annual community celebration that is held by Sanur Development Foundation and located at Sanur beach area. “SVF is a large scale of collective events involving food festivals, exhibitions of creative economy, various competitions and contests, art and culture attraction, music, and many kinds of environmentally friendly activities,” He said. Related to Pemuteran Bay Festival, Tjok Bagus explained this festival is covering all form of culture and arts, also environment preservation, such as community-based coral conservation with biorock technology, heritage culture gebug ende, beach art parade, art and culture competitions, art and handicraft products exhibition in order to develop the quality of community-based tourism, cultured and environmentally friendly. Meanwhile, Denpasar Festival or Denfest is an art and culture festival that is held as a celebration to express arts and culture. It includes traditional arts, modern and also avant-grade that covered some aspects, such as appearance, commercial, inspiring, transforming, entertaining and educating, added Tjok Bagus. “The following event is the Penglipuran Village Festival. Located in Penglipuran village, it carries the theme of Green Destination based on Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environment Sustainability (CHSE) which is corporate alongside with all stakeholders and still concerns and follows health protocol. This festival presents the uniqueness of arts, culture and local genius of Penglipuran cultural village,” he mentioned.


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Love Bali Application as the Implementation of Bali Province Regional Regulation Number 6 of 2023 concerning Levy for Foreign Tourists for the Protection of Balinese Culture and Natural Environment.