become a pilot project, vice governor, cok ace optimistic the readiness of bali welcoming tourists

Denpasar - Making Bali as one of the pilot projects for implementing the protocol of  health, Cleanliness, Health Safety (CHS) in the tourism industry was supported by the Provincial Government of Bali. The Provincial Government is even very confident and optimistic about Bali's readiness to welcome tourists both domestic and international. This was said by Vice Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati (Cok Ace) when he was a guest speaker on the Metro TV program directly via Skype Indonesia Town Hall connection with the theme 'New Way of Traveling', Monday (7/20). The tourism figure also through careful consideration, the Provincial Government had opened local activities in Bali from July 9 2020, of course by implementing health protocols. "We have started opening activities starting from July 5, 2020, after coordination and intensive meetings with the Regencies / Denpasar City Government. Of course, by looking at the conditions, "he explained. To strengthen the implementation of the Covid-19 health protocol and prevention protocol in the field, Bali Governor Wayan Koster has also issued Circular Letter No. 3355 of 2020 concerning "Protokol tatanan Kehidupan Era Baru" which regulates  hygiene standards especially in 14 sectors that must be obeyed. "As for the tourism sector itself, it's even more ahead. In addition to following the regulations and SOPs set by the government, the tourism sector also took the initiative to conduct an independent assessment, which includes the readiness of the tourism industry to welcome tourists, "he added. The assessment will assess the implementation of the Covid-19 health and prevention protocol, and the application of the CHS standard issued by WHO. "If all indicators have been fulfilled, certificate will be issued, as onne of media used for promotion to build the trus of customers," he explained in the event that presented the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, CEO of George Hendrata, Chairman of PHRI Indonesia Hariyadi B.S. Sukamdani, and Chairman of ASITA Indonesia Nunung Rusmiati. Regarding the handling of Covid-19, Vice Governor, Cok Ace also said that Bali was very good. This can be seen from the relatively low number of cases in Indonesia and the low fatality rate of around 1.58%. According to him, this can not be separated from good coordination between the government and the Customary Village. "We are working with the Indigenous Village to regulate the community, even various sanctions have been imposed by the local Village. In general, the Balinese are obedient, so we can reduce the number of cases, "he added. While in terms of sanctions by the government, the Puri Ubud figure stated the government's firmness for the violators. He gave an example like the organizer of mass yoga in the midst of a pandemic, the government immediately deported foreigners who organized it. "Actually the activities are good for health, but we must still uphold the rules so we act decisively," he added. Furthermore, regarding fears of a re-outbreak of the Covid-19 virus brought by foreign tourists, Vice Governor Cok Ace explained that he had taken preventative measures. "We have issued a Governor's Cilcular Letter regarding the protocol for the arrival of travelers from abroad. "The CL regulates various things that must be fulfilled such as statements and negative results of Covid-19," he explained. Meanwhile, to support foreign trust in Bali, he continued if the provincial government is increasing facilities, both in public and health facilities. "We added more of hospital beds, we improved Covid-19 handling facilities. It's not that we expect the number of cases to rise, we continue to prevent that. This is more to maintain the trust of tourists in the management of tourism in the middle of a pandemic in Bali, "he said. Previously the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut B. Pandjaitan said for the Covid-19 case in Indonesia it should not be seen globally, but seen from region to region. As with some Provinces or Regencies that are quite successful in handling this virus, and the center feels it is worthy of opening its tourism. "Like Bali, Jogja or Bintan Island. These regions are considered quite successful in handling Covid-19, so it is quite feasible to open up, "he explained. Especially now that the Covid-19 Task Force for Accelerating Countermeasures has real data about the spread of this virus, making it easier for tourists to decide where to travel. To open its own tourism faucet, Coordinating Minister Luhut said Indonesia was exploring with friendly countries. Of course he stressed that here was an agreement between the two parties so that their citizens also felt safe. All of these things become the basis for the government to open tourism for Indonesian domestic on July 31th and for foreign countries coming September 11th He further invited the Indonesian people to implement health and prevention protocols with discipline, because that is all estuary. "Let's obey wearing masks, keep a distance and wash hands, these are preventive measures, and these steps are also considered to be able to build tourist confidence," he explained. In addition, he also invited all parties to unite to contribute and support the government in handling this pandemic, not even blaspheming each other in cyberspace. He acknowledged the tourism sector is a sector that supports other sectors. MSMEs, and the community of various circles must be splashed with the opening of tourism, and will drive the national economy as well. For this reason, he hopes that the regional government will really prepare various needs, facilities and infrastructure to attract tourists. The Coordinating Minister Luhut also revealed that the President had signed a task force for handling Covid-19 and economic recovery. This proves the seriousness of the government in economic recovery. In addition, the government is also trying to encourage economic growth, especially in the tourism sector by taking official trips. "Don't criticize the government's steps first, this is also an effort to stretch back hotels or travel that have been suspended for so long," he said. While tourism actors are very positive about this plan. They claim tourism is the first sector affected, and the last sector in the recovery. They also assured that foreign tourists were waiting to travel again to Indonesia. In addition, it was also explained that many regions were ready to open tourism. This is certainly needed to drive the economy.  

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